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Auditor's Real Estate Information System
General Information
The Lucas County Auditor, Anita Lopez, would like to remind AREIS DVD users that quarterly sales information will be updated every January, April, July, and October. In response to high demand from both the private and public sectors, every DVD viewer series will receive up-to-date sales data every three months. The DVD-ROM application is filled to capacity with attributes, tax information for over 200,000 parcels of real estate in Lucas County, plus the entire tax base map. The DVD Viewer’s long list of existing features includes:
  • Aerial photographs
  • Sales information updated every January, April, July, and October.
  • Capability to export data for multiple parcels into Access, Excel, and Comma delimited text file.
  • Map layers: countywide zoning, soils, census tract, school districts, lot dimensions, municipality, flood rate map index layer and much more.
  • Use the comparable sales wizard to search residential and non-residential property by year built, occupancy, construction type, square footage, sale year, sale price, etc.
  • Search by intersection or by combining characteristics like legal description, owner’s name, and address.
  • Attribute folders include general (property address, loan company code), tax (first and second half taxes, values) and attribute information (structure, lot, and sale data).
  • Ability to run the GIS viewer over a network.
  • Interactive help with quick start tutorials, an index and glossary section, troubleshooting section, and a section on creating output.
AREIS data can be retrieved directly from a DVD or can be installed on the hard-drive (requires 2.6 GB). The map on the DVD version is highly interactive, allowing the user to perform spatial analysis and multiple parcel selects. In order to view the DVD Viewer’s accompanying “how to” manual in pdf format, click here.

The Map Index Layer from the Flood Insurance Rate Map is integrated into the GIS viewer. The addition of this new map index layer will allow AREIS users to identify which panel number a property is located on. Once identified, panel numbers are used as references for FIRMs (Flood Insurance Rate Maps), which are available at the Lucas County Engineer’s Office and through the repositories of other villages and cities. Click here to obtain the list of repositories. FIRMs are used to reference properties and buildings in order to determine risk to flood damage. Flood risk information presented on FIRMs is based on historic, meteorologic, hydrologic, and hydraulic data, as well as open-space conditions, flood control works, and development (taken from FEMA MSC page http://msc.fema.gov/MSC).

For additional information on the National Flood Insurance Program, please go to the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) website at www.fema.gov. To obtain a hard copy of the Flood Insurance Rate Map, please contact FEMA’s Map Service Center at 1(800) 358-9616.

Real estate information is also available via the Internet version of AREIS (AREIS Online). Data such as sales, ownership, payments, and tax accounting is pulled in real time from a variety of Lucas County Real Estate databases. Transfer card images, structure photos, and structure sketches are some of the features unavailable on the DVD. The online mapping component is scaled back from the DVD version based on the restrictions of current Internet technology. Limited spatial analysis is available (thematic mapping) and multiple parcel selects are not yet incorporated into the system. For access to LIVE Auditor’s Real Estate Information via the World Wide Web, please go to our website at www.co.lucas.oh.us.

The cost of the AREIS DVD Viewer is $10.00. This valuable research tool is available for pick up at our office or via mail for your convenience. There are no additional shipping charges to order the DVD by mail. To order the latest version of AREIS via mail, please view the Adobe Acrobat Reader file attachment: orderform.pdf.

You may also send us a note with the following information:
  • Name and address where DVD is to be mailed
  • Quantity (Quantity x $10.00 = Total $ Amount)
Please Note: For yearly subscriptions, indicate how many DVD’s you are interested in purchasing per quarter for 2008 only.
  • Specify operating system (Win 98, Win 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, other)
  • Make check payable to: Lucas County Auditor
Please Note: Check must be received prior to order processing.

Be sure to provide us with an email address if you want to receive email notifications of DVD Viewer updates. Mail your request to:

Office of Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor
One Government Center, Suite 770, Toledo, OH 43604-2256

For further assistance, please contact the Public Information Department at (419) 213-4368 or (419) 213-4394.
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One Government Center
Suite 770
Toledo, OH  43604
(419) 213-4420

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